• UNIT 1

      Listening:  The funniest jokes in the world
  • UNIT 3
             Listening: Plastic Pollution
    How can we help the environment by changing the way we shop, travel and use energy? Do you recycle, use public transport and energy saving light-bulbs?

    As part of National Science Week, Jackie Dalton looks at the idea of 'carbon footprints'. A 'carbon footprint' is a measure of how much harm we cause to the environment in our everyday lives.

    The average carbon footprint per person in the United Kingdom each year is a huge 10,000kg! What can we do about this?

    We also look at some helpful expressions we can use when talking about the environment.

      Carbon footprints
    • UNIT 2
    1.Lessons about medicine
    2.Listenings: Health;
                          Cycling is bad for the environment;
                           When is Chest Pain Serious ?
    3. Video: How to live to 101

    4.Listening: Can you live without a mobile phone?
                        Jeff talks about technology 
                       How to use you mobile phone without causing offence

             1. Giving Directions

    More about >Giving Directions

    • UNIT 6
    1.Types of crime

    2.Why do we have crime ?

    3.Many children died at school


    4. Gerund and Infinitive.

    • UNIT 7

    1.American and British English exercises

    2.How to understand the differences between British and American English

    3.Comlpain and Complaint 

    4.Languague: to make a complaint 
    5.Complaining: Customer- Service
    6.Letter of Complain : Layout and sample letter

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