jueves, 16 de abril de 2015

Homework for Tuesday the 21st

  • student´s book page 56 Reading
  • student´s book page 142 Grammar exercises
Keep up preparing small speeches!
Have a nice weekend!

miércoles, 1 de abril de 2015

Theatre Performance at the Concha Espina Theatre in Torrelavega

 If you feel like and are free on tuesday the 14th , don´t miss this opportunity and come with us to the lively performance of Macbeth by Face to Face. It´s free for our students and its worth seeing ! It´s about 70 minutes and starts at 12.00.  Stay there  at 11.45  and wait for a teacher from the EOI to enter the theatre.

Homework for the 13th of April

would rather had better
Gerund infinitive
As Like
Try to prepare the speeches and  catch up  with all the worksheets and workbook units during the Easter holidays
Charge your energies  because there is very little time left for the  end of the academic course.!
Enjoy your time!

Homework for the 15th of April

New tribe found in Amazon
Use of English 6
Prepare a small speech talking about  : Living in the countryside vs living in the city ( have a look at the videos already posted)

Key Use of English 5
1b 2c3b4c5b6c7a8b9c10a11c12c13b14c15b
January the salesKey
2keenest3outside4queuing5lin6disccounts7as8prestigious9likely10including11no 12practical1shopping14own15those
Tribe in Amazon Key
1outside2disappearing3diseases4such5last6far7arrows8past9warned10 their