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Homework for Monday the 16th Intermediate 2.4 and 2.7

mistakes worksheet
Here you have a list of multiple choice test we will check in class.

Use of English number 1 and number 2  for next week
On Monday Use of English number 1
On Wednesday Use of English number 2

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Homework for Wednesday the 11th Intermediate 2.4

Prepare a small presentation about yourself mentioning these points:( 5 minutes presentation)

- personal information; name, family , village hobbies
- what you did during the summer
-describe your last holidays
-talk about you would like to do at Christmas
-a good memory of your childhood


Here you have a very interesting link to practise the english sounds

Phonemic Script Pronunciation Practice

Here you have a list of multiple choice test we will check in class.
Use of English number 1 and number 2  for next week
On Monday Use of English number 1
On thursday Use of English number 2



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You are going to watch a short extract from the Graham Norton show, where the actresses Meryl Streep and Nicole Kidman discuss their birth names.

Watch the video and answer the questions:
Meryl Streep was named Mary at birth. How did she end up being called Meryl?
Is she happy about her surname? How does she wish it to be different?
Why is Nicole Kidman called Hokulani? Who is she named after?


How you got your name.
Is there any special meaning attached to your name?
Discuss the family background to your name.
What about names of other people in your family - are there any stories connected with these?
If you could change your name, what name would you choose and why?

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thanks to Dulce Rosales

vocabulary Jobs

General vocabulary
What do you do?
I'm a model 
She works as a lawyer
o   a regular job
o   commuter
o   employee
o   employer
o   He took a job as a waiter.
o   occupation
o   profession
o   to earn one's living
o   to run a firm
o   trade
o   What do you do for a living?
o   Worker
o   Temporary/ part-time job
o   application
o   application form
o   apprentice, trainee
o   apprenticeship
o   CV (curriculum vitae)/ resume
o   job interview
o   skilled worker
o   to apply for a job
o   training
o   training course
o   vacancy


o   period of notice
o   To be unemployed/ to be out of work/ to be on the dole
o   to fire/ to sack /to dismiss somebody
o   to resign, to quit
o   to retire
o   unemployment
o   unemployment benefit, dole money


Working hours, Pay
o   a full-time job
o   a part-time job
o   wages
o   flexitime
o   payslip
o   salary
o   to get a rise, to get a raise
o   to work shifts
o   to work overtime
o   wage cut



Generally, people who get paid a "salary" get their money monthly, and get the same amount each month. A salary usually doesn't change based on the number of hours you work.  If you get paid a "salary", you usually say things like "I make $30,000 a year."
If you get paid a wage, it usually means that you get a certain amount per hour. The more hours you work, the more money you will make.

  • vacancy ·  the state or condition of being vacant or unoccupied; emptiness ·  an unoccupied post or office: we have a vacancy in the accounts department
o   flexitime a system that allows an employee to choose the hours for starting and leaving work.
o   Payslip ‘nómina’
o   to get a rise, to get a raise (In American English, a person receives a raise in salary. In British English it is a rise.)

thanks to Dulce Rosales

job vs work

Thanks to Dulce rosales

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that´s Key exercise cloze

Doormen in NY key
1.smart,2.associated 3.them 4.say 5.children´s .6. behave 7.movies 8.modest 9. building 10.the 11.have 12.of 13. if 14.cab 15.running 16. main 17. college 18. heath 19. ranging 20. ladder