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Good luck in all your exams!!!

 Times flies and we the course is gone! keep calm and do your best today. We have had a great time together this course, I know most of you will get your reward, and if it´s not so don´t worry , don´t panic and keep up trying  ,you know you can do it!!!

Hope to see you next year  and enjoy your summer time , don´t  forget that there is always a time for an english kit kat :)))

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Homework for Monday 15th Intermediate 2.4 2.6

Music cloze

Please it´s very important you fill in both surveys, , there are two surveys per group , I will really appreciate you spend some minutes on both surveys , The aim of this survey is to collect information on the evolution of the course, our student's point of view and improvements that need to be taken.
Group 15:45
Intermediate 2.4
Mine Intermediate 2.4

Group 18:00

Mine Intermediate 2.6
Intermediate 2.6

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Homework for Thursday 4th May Basic 2.2

worksheet 1
worksheet 2
student´s b  exercise Writing ( 115wds)

Por favor no dejéis de hacer la encuesta para que puedan utilizar las grabaciones
Proyecto de investigación

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Homework for Tuesday 11th April Basic 2.2

adjectives prepositions
Student´s book pages 50 51


Hi !
I forgot to coment in class and activity we  can do next tuesday .

 The  Basque Center on Cognition Brain and Language se ha puesto en contacto con nosotros para pedir nuestra colaboración en un estudio para intentar comprender como se adquiere el inglés como segunda lengua para los hablantes de castellano. Las muestras son totalmente anónimas y las analiza un ordenador, así que no sirve lo de la vergüenza ;)) 
Sería el martes 10 y nos nos llevará más que 10 minutos, es voluntario , aunque os agradecería que particpaseis .El alumno que quiera participar tendría que entrar  click online: o para dar el consentimiento de participación, protección de datos y confidencialidad y responder a unas breves preguntas.Y el próximo martes se harían las grabaciones en clase.

Animaros y dad el consentimiento ! y nos vemos el martes.

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miércoles, 15 de febrero de 2017


thanks to Dulce Rosales

vocabulary Jobs

General vocabulary
What do you do?
I'm a model 
She works as a lawyer
o   a regular job
o   commuter
o   employee
o   employer
o   He took a job as a waiter.
o   occupation
o   profession
o   to earn one's living
o   to run a firm
o   trade
o   What do you do for a living?
o   Worker
o   Temporary/ part-time job
o   application
o   application form
o   apprentice, trainee
o   apprenticeship
o   CV (curriculum vitae)/ resume
o   job interview
o   skilled worker
o   to apply for a job
o   training
o   training course
o   vacancy


o   period of notice
o   To be unemployed/ to be out of work/ to be on the dole
o   to fire/ to sack /to dismiss somebody
o   to resign, to quit
o   to retire
o   unemployment
o   unemployment benefit, dole money


Working hours, Pay
o   a full-time job
o   a part-time job
o   wages
o   flexitime
o   payslip
o   salary
o   to get a rise, to get a raise
o   to work shifts
o   to work overtime
o   wage cut



Generally, people who get paid a "salary" get their money monthly, and get the same amount each month. A salary usually doesn't change based on the number of hours you work.  If you get paid a "salary", you usually say things like "I make $30,000 a year."
If you get paid a wage, it usually means that you get a certain amount per hour. The more hours you work, the more money you will make.

  • vacancy ·  the state or condition of being vacant or unoccupied; emptiness ·  an unoccupied post or office: we have a vacancy in the accounts department
o   flexitime a system that allows an employee to choose the hours for starting and leaving work.
o   Payslip ‘nómina’
o   to get a rise, to get a raise (In American English, a person receives a raise in salary. In British English it is a rise.)

thanks to Dulce Rosales