miércoles, 1 de abril de 2015

Homework for the 15th of April

New tribe found in Amazon
Use of English 6
Prepare a small speech talking about  : Living in the countryside vs living in the city ( have a look at the videos already posted)

Key Use of English 5
1b 2c3b4c5b6c7a8b9c10a11c12c13b14c15b
January the salesKey
2keenest3outside4queuing5lin6disccounts7as8prestigious9likely10including11no 12practical1shopping14own15those
Tribe in Amazon Key
1outside2disappearing3diseases4such5last6far7arrows8past9warned10 their

miércoles, 18 de marzo de 2015

Key Use of English

Cloze 1
1b  2c  3b  4a  5c  6b  7c  8a  9b  10c  11c  12b  13c  14c  15b
cloze 2
1b  2c  3b  4a  5c  6b  7b  8a  9c  10b  11c  12b  13b  14c  15a

cloze 3
1b  2a  3b  4c  5c  6a  7c  8b  9c  10c  11b  12a  13b  14c  15a

Homework for the 25th of March

Topics for the speeches: Diet, School ( discipline),Internet, Jobs, Mobiles, Holidays, Recycling,Climate Change

You have to prepare a small speech for about 3 minutes where you will use five questions ( look for them on your own) and you will use them as a guide. So you will have to look for questions about all the topics and prepare the speeches on all the topics .

Here you have a link where you can find questions about different topics

questions for the speeches


Social networks
January sales
New tribe found in Amazon

lunes, 26 de enero de 2015

Speeches . Part of the oral exam

Tips for the speeches
As I told you in the other class , next thursday you will take an oral exam, Don´t panic! It´s a kind of training exercise. Click here and you will get a list of  topics with questions . Prepare them and  next day you´ll make a small presentation on one of the topics.